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Inspenet, April 17, 2023

Inspenet TV invites you to enjoy the special Tech Talking program, this Wednesday, April 19, which will have Eng. Laura Cárdenas, who will be chatting with the ing. Francesco Solari, CEO of Inspenet, about the interest of the AMPP Global Center in corrosion control to achieve sustainability.

Laura Cárdenas is a metallurgical engineer, with extensive experience in corrosion and materials technologies, industrial operations, including oil and gas production and refining. He has built a solid professional career with 15 years of experience in project management, engineering, asset integrity, corrosion monitoring and control.

Among his studies, the API 510, NACE Corrosion Technician, TDG + WHMIS and Professional Engineer (PE) certifications stand out. With extensive knowledge of design and construction code standards and requirements, such as API, ASTM, ASME and NACE. He has knowledge in the application areas of metallurgy. Currently, he serves as Lead Materials Engineer at WSP-Canada and is a member of the Global Center AMPP board of directors for the period 2022-2025.

In the interview conducted at the AMPP 2023 Annual Conference and Expo, Cárdenas highlights the interest that the AMPP Global Center has on the subject of sustainability, where it is essential to implement sustainability beyond materials, according to its plan strategic, covering various sectors that contribute to fostering a greener world.

On the other hand, he mentions the contribution that AMPP provides to students and new engineering professionals in teaching them the importance of corrosion and its protection methods, through technologies such as machine learning, digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

It also mentions that one of the biggest challenges for sustainability is to standardize all the influential factors in the continuous development of new energies, for example: existing infrastructure, design engineering, standards, practices, experiences and government policies to facilitate advances in this area.

It highlights the great contribution that new technologies have in terms of corrosion control and that in the future robotics will have a greater presence in all industrial settings.

In this episode of Tech Talking, Cárdenas mentions that an article published by Curtin University in Australia, supported by studies carried out at the University of Akron in the United States, indicates that about two years ago steel production represented 27% of carbon emissions from the global manufacturing sector and 10.5% of total global carbon emissions worldwide. And that by 2030, the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the steel industry could reach 27.5% of the world’s total carbon emissions if the necessary measures are not taken.

We invite you to learn more about the AMPP Global Center, this Wednesday, April 19 at 5:00 p.m. Mexico, 6:00 p.m. Houston / Colombia.

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