Iberdrola completed the first hybrid plant in Spain


Inspenet, October 1, 2023.

Iberdrola leader in innovation!

Iberdrola has completed the construction of the first hybrid wind and solar photovoltaic plant in Spain , located in Castilla y León and is currently in the commissioning phase. This initiative consolidates the company’s position as a leader in innovation and renewable energy in the region by implementing a technology that optimizes the electrical network and reduces the environmental impact in the areas where it is established.

This plant has a capacity of 74 MW and uses more than 120,000 solar modules. Located in the municipalities of Revilla Vallejera, Villamedianilla and Vallejera, in Burgos, it is integrated with the existing 69 MW BaCa wind complex (Ballestas and Casetona).

It should be noted that Iberdrola has invested more than 40 million euros in carrying out this project that integrates both wind and solar energy in one place. The company intends to continue promoting this technology in Spain in the coming years, with the aim of strengthening its renewable energy generation capacity and making the most of the locations already available.

Contributions to the electrical system

The inclusion of solar panels increases the contribution of clean, profitable and competitive energy to the electrical system of these facilities and guarantees that they provide the maximum amount of renewable energy initially planned for each project, for the longest possible period, according to Iberdrola.

By having two technologies that can be alternated, the electricity company points out that dependence on changing environmental conditions and restrictions due to possible resource deficiencies such as lack of wind or limited solar exposure are significantly reduced. This facilitates more constant and efficient renewable energy production.

“Hybrid generation facilities share the same connection point to the grid and take advantage of existing infrastructure, such as the substation and the transmission line for the electricity generated. In addition, they are located on land that was already used for the production of renewable energy. and allow the use of shared routes and facilities to operate both technologies. This results in a significantly lower environmental impact compared to what two separate plants would have had,” Iberdrola explained.

Source: https://www.elespanol.com/invertia/empresas/energia/20230927/iberdrola-concluye-construccion-castilla-leon-primera-planta-hibrida-eolica-solar-espana/797670482_0.amp.html

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