Ascento, the autonomous robotic guard that is changing security in large spaces

Inspenet, April 29, 2023

The Swiss startup Ascento Robotics , since 2020 has been developing the autonomous robot Ascento to launch it on the market. The purpose of the robot is to serve as a security guard in large commercial premises day and night, which require a significant workforce to patrol.

Among its first customers is Securitas, the largest security company in Switzerland, which is testing the robot at the facilities of the Swiss Federal Railways company, better known by the acronym SBB, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. .

“Our unique business model allows security providers to rent robots by the hour to complement their surveillance equipment. This ‘all-in’ approach is the reason why Securitas has been using it for more than six months,” said Miguel de la Iglesia Valls, CTO of Ascento.

1730 Robot Ascento seguridad SBB interna
Autonomous robot Ascento patrols and serves as a security guard

The Ascento robot patrols uneven terrain and communicates live with security control centers

The robot can patrol large outdoor areas and is equipped with a 360° and thermal camera, as well as a battery, sensors and artificial intelligence that generates daily security reports. Plus, you can communicate in real time with a backup operator in a control center.

Also, you can navigate rough terrain, potholes, steps, and even snow with its all-terrain tires. Its “head” houses the computer, the battery, the sensors and the AI, which allow the generation of daily security reports that help improve security mechanisms.

1730 Robot Ascento seguridad SBB interna 2
Ascent patrols uneven terrain, goes up and down stairs

Ascento rents robots by the hour to complement surveillance equipment

The positive performance of the on-premises robot has been key to the growth of Ascento, which is offering an hourly rental solution to complement surveillance equipment from security vendors.

Securitas has been using the robot for more than six months, leading to a surge in demand for the startup’s autonomous robotic guards. However, production capacity is limited, which has led the company to increase its capacity to deliver the solution to interested customers later this year.

“We are delighted to have such a high demand for our robotic guards, and at this time, we are limited by the number of robots we can produce,” said Ascento’s CTO.

Following its incorporation in February 2023, Ascento is seeking a seed funding round and CE certification to make its robot available to the mass market. The startup’s business model has generated interest among security vendors looking to improve their operational efficiency, which could lead to further growth for the company in the near future.

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