Anniversary Inspenet: Knowledge and professional connection to the world

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Author. TSU. Simón Petit, 07 noviembre 2022.

When Engineer Francesco Solari as CEO made the formal presentation of, at the XVII SLOM Conference in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, he made a special emphasis that the platform became the global network of knowledge and professional connection, made by professionals for professionals. One year after that November 10, 2021, today it can be said that Inspenet has been fulfilling its mission of strengthening the capacity for comprehensive management of training and solutions through preparation and technical advice, job offers, information, trends and opportunities in the reliability of assets that have a positive impact on the professional and business future, as well as the connection and projection of professionals, corporations and organizations in the energy sector.

It has been a year of experiences and exchange, of knowledge and learning, of progress and growth in the proposed objectives and in the scope of achievements that have consolidated the image of a company that is progressively positioning itself as an option for consultation and technical development in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Electricity and new energies industry.

On the other hand, Inspenet has managed to build a work team with responsibility and mystique in its line of action, with optimism and confidence in operations, and with respect and commitment in the development of activities. The balance of systematizations in its different sections of this first year can be simplified as follows:

• A year in which exclusive information on the industry and new energy sector has been highlighted in more than 1,100 news items and 280 scientific and narrative articles.

• A year with more than 3,400 hours of audiovisual production and 8,000 hours of online transmission and more than 70,000 views.

• A year with the honor of having attended and accompanied important organizations worldwide such as SLOM, AMPP, API, ASNT, NATURGAS and soon the II Online LNG Forum and the IMCORRSS Conference in Mexico.

• A year with more than 3,400 hours of audiovisual production and 8,000 hours of online transmission and more than 70,000 views where, through different programs and technical interviews, we provide high value for the consolidation of knowledge of the different professionals in the sector with the aim that can contribute even more to the achievement of the objectives of the different corporations where they work. And also, through the E-Learning section, provide them with knowledge and study tools that allow them to strengthen their professional skills and turn them into outstanding professionals in the sector.

• A year connecting and projecting companies and organizations internationally, with the aim of promoting the connection of corporate opportunities through our Business Directory.

• Also a year where the opportunity has been provided to promote networking and discussion of important topics in the sector, sharing knowledge, success stories, comments with our WALL and Forum sections.

A year where users from the US, EUROPE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AND LATIN AMERICA have registered on our portal, going through a dynamic and fluid page to interact in our sections and to meet the corporate allies that support this global initiative for engineers. and technicians

The count is extraordinary, especially if we consider the consolidation of its objectives in such a short time. On the other hand, Inspenet’s projection in the coming years is to be a participant and collaborator in the great events that take place in the world related to the Oil & Gas industry and new energies, in addition to other branches of engineering and the sector. industrial. Inspenet, without a doubt, is the most important global network of knowledge and professional connection in the world.


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